Austria // Wildschönau: my first time skiing!

ENG // Hello everyone! In my last blogpost I told you, that my holiday in Wildschönau , Tyrol ,  Austria was my very first winter and sk...

ENG // Hello everyone!

In my last blogpost I told you, that my holiday in Wildschönau, TyrolAustria was my very first winter and skiing holiday! So I thought it would be nice to share my skiing experience with you! Maybe some of you haven't been skiing yet and are in the same position as I was a few years ago: I had absolutely no idea what to expect!

When we arrived in Austria, there were a few possibilities for what to do: either skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or even hiking. I opted for the first one, simply because I thought it was the most fun one and besides my travel companions preferred skiing, too! So we decided to buy a ski pass for the whole stay. The price for 5 days was around 120€ a few years ago, now it's about 150€ (see here). Additionally you need to lend carving skis, shoes and a helmet – if you don't own these things, which would be very unusual for your first skiing holiday. So all in all: very expensive! To be honest, I didn't expect it to be that expensive and think this is the main reason why I haven't been on another winter vacation yet (and because there is absolutely no one who would go skiing in my circle of friends).

But what is skiing like? Well, first of all, it's physically exhausting. I didn't expect it to be that exhausting! I have never been much into sports, but I always used to dance, do aerobics or simply go for a run. But my first time skiing literally killed me! So if you have never been skiing before: your legs are bend all the time – like doing a squat half way through. So your muscles are tensed all the time. For hours!

The next day I could not get out of bed, stand or walk properly. My legs were burning! So if you are absolutely unathletic: train before your first time skiing! Or don't do it, then you'll have a good reason for staying in your cozy apartment after the first day!

But besides the price and the aching muscles skiing was a lot of fun! I started with a simple blue ski slope, since it was my first time, but immediately changed to a more difficult, red one! The blue one was good for learning the basic moves on the first day, but way too boring! The red one was a little bit frightening at some places, but overall a lot of fun! I also tried out a black one, which scared me as hell, because it was super vertical and the people super fast – so maybe not the best idea for a beginner! My ex-boyfriend (who I was with on this holiday) is not a very cautious person, looking back, I would have expected him to hold me back, because let's be honest: skiing can be very dangerous, especially for a beginner! I was very lucky that nothing happened! Our friend e.g. fell and broke his leg. So be careful!

Have you ever been skiing? Do you like skiing?

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  1. Wirklich tolle Bilder! Sieht nach einem wunderbaren Skiurlaub aus und der blaue Himmel macht alles noch schöner :)

    Liebe Grüße Lara

  2. Sehr schöne Bilder, sieht nach viel Spaß aus. :)


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